The Phil Vu Report

A full-time student working a part-time job. Living a regular life with my sights on a path to become something bigger and better every day.

Choices for the Future

Looking in to the past, I have never thought of my future (when I say “future” I’m talking about years ahead). I always lived in the present, living it day by day. In my senior year of high school, I didn’t know what to go in to for University. I made a quick decision that electrical engineering would be best for me, after all I did love physics and math.

I went to McMaster University until I decided to drop out after 2 years, partially because of my grades and financial issues. During the time at McMaster, I had a great time, I met new people that became friends, and I learned what life really had in store for me.

Now I wasn’t happy that I “dropped out”. I entered this depressed mood for a couple of months after I moved back home. I had no motivation in life what-so-ever. All I wanted to do was sleep. But one day I was sitting there in my room, looking out my window when I said to myself, “What am I doing with my life? Why am I sitting here doing nothing, letting what happened in the past affect my future.” so I decided to meet an old friend.

From that day on, I decided that I won’t let the past, or other people decided what my future will look like. My friend ended up helping me get a part-time job that had flexible hours ranging from working only weekends to working 5 days a week (depending on my availability).

I worked there 5 days a week for 4 months, making enough money go to college. Now I know it’s not no University, but I had to pay for my own education now, with a bit of help from OSAP (government loans) and University was too expensive at the time. Now I work weekends during school terms and full-time if the off season. All my money goes to school, food, and a bills (with a bit of entertainment). 

Now that I’m in my final year of college, I have some decisions to make:

1) Continue on to University and get my degree; whether I have live at home with my parents or find an apartment, it doesn’t matter.

2) Find a full-time job related to my diploma and start paying off bills and loans.

3) Find a full-time job related to my diploma and finish my degree as a part-time student.

4)  Work multiple jobs for the summer and finish my degree as a full-time student

I really do want to get a degree in Engineering and find a firm to work with, but at the same time I just want to find a good job and move out.

I still have 8 months to decide, but right now I am leaning towards option 2.